Snow Quartz Bullet-shaped Stone Necklace

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  • Material: Natural Ice Quartz 
  • Weight: 0.003kg.
  • ChainType: Rhodium Chain
  • Metal: Rhodium, stainless steel
  • Features: Tarnish Free, Cadmium Free, Nickel Free, Lead Free, Hypoallergenic
  • Chain Length: 18"
  • 1 pendant Necklace Only
  • Packaging: Organza Gift Bag, Bubble Mailer.

Nowadays, white is the color of innocence, unity, cleanliness, and purity. However, these are somewhat of a modern meanings and not the least bit –universal. White is the color of opposites and contradictions. It is the color of freedom, as well as the color or hope –just like the white crystals. The white crystals like beryl, topaz, selenite, calcite, quartz, and moonstones among others. You can use them in appreciating and experiencing the cyclic nature of the universe. Furthermore, the white crystals are of the spiritual world, which is sensed yet not seen. The white crystals are what may guide us when we do not know where to go. They are actually the guides to knowledge and understanding, which we do not even know exists. Read on to this article to learn more about the meanings, properties, and benefits of the white crystals you need to know!

Why should you Use White Crystals?

The white crystals symbolize beginnings and endings.

They represent the feminine gender, and also symbolize regeneration and birth. Furthermore, they’ll also act as great guides to the world, which is beyond your own understanding.

They may also illuminate your own path, for you to not lose your own way.

White crystals, as what I’ve already said, represent contradictions and opposites. They display the color of freedom and hope.

The white crystals may help you when you are not really sure on where you will do.

As well as whether what you are doing in your own life is bringing you much closer to the life that is waiting for you.