Rainbow Fluorite Mineral Bullet Shape Stone Necklace

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  • Material: Natural Fluorite Crystal
  • Chain: leather Chain
  • Closure: Lobster Claw Stainless Steel
  • Benefits: Will not tarnish or rust. Cadmium and nickel free. Hypoallergenic.
  • Chain Length: 18"
  • Pendant weight: 0.005kg.
  • One Pendant Necklace Only
  • Packaging: Organza Gift Bag, Bubble  Mailer

Rainbow Fluorite crystal is a blend of multiple colors, including violet, lavender, yellow, green, purple, blue, or clear bands. It is a powerful and multi-colored stone believed to have exceptional spiritual energy and healing properties. The use of fluorite sucks negative energy and releases positive vibes like incense burners.

It can help connect the mind to the universe, bring cosmic energy, balance, and life stability. One can have a more precise and better vision of living with upper fluorite chakra.

Where is Rainbow Fluorite Found?

Rainbow fluorite is a common mineral that can easily be found globally in France, Mongolia, Brazil, China, Peru, Central North America, South Africa, Australia, Britain, Russia, United States, Mexico, etc.

It is available worldwide in various rainbow colors, which are thought to be the result of impurities.

Rainbow Fluorite Meaning
Fluorite is derived from the Latin word ‘fluere,’ which means ‘to flow.’

It was used to drink exquisite wine in Roman culture and was related to lucid dreams in Chinese philosophy.

In general, the primary fluorite crystal meaning is related to being a spiritual genius and an effective tool for meditation that can help calm the nerves. It opens up the trapped ideas and thoughts in the brain, eventually aiding in concentration, focusing, and the decision-making process.