Magnificent Picasso Jasper (Rare Find)

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Indulge in the rare beauty of Coconut Dreams' Magnificent Picasso Jasper pendant, handcrafted with copper wire and paired with a complimentary 3mm stainless steel chain. This piece is a unique creation that exudes natural elegance and charm. 

Picasso jasper is a stone that can hold YOU as you transform from within, navigating the storms and changes of your life with grace. It also helps with shadow integration – acknowledging your dark parts and integrating them with all your brilliant light to lead a balanced life. It is a grounding and protective stone that nurtures you through deep struggle. Hold this large, powerful stone in meditation to connect with its energies. 

100% Hand wire-wrapped

Material: semi-precious stone, copper, with stainless steel

Pendant width:1.25"inch x 2.75L x 3mmD